We had a face to face interview with Tammy prior to the week we needed her services. She was extremely thorough, and gave us a lot of helpful information that we could use on a daily basis as well as getting us ready to leave for a week. While we were gone, she sent a photo every day. When we came home, we found that she had left a detailed diary of how our kitty was and what she did every day. The house was neat as a pin, the mail and newspapers had been brought in, the plants watered but best of all - our kitty was so happy and so obviously well taken care of. Her boxes were clean and her food fresh.

It is very stressful to have to leave your animal and your home to a stranger. But Tammy, it turns out, is no stranger. She is calm, comfortable and so reliable. I will use Alone at Home again and again.

Description of work:

Took care of my FIV positive cat while I was away for a week. 

Susan Croudace  10/2014 client recommendations

I have had Alone at Home Pet Services for 7 years now. Tammy treats my cats with the loving care that she would her own. I have 2 cats, and one of them is particullary difficult. Tammy  has a real way with him, he adores her as does my other. Tammy has come out for emergency visits,  and has gone way out of her way to help as she can. I never worry that my cats will not be taken care of with love. And if  I start to miss them, she sends me pictures ;0) client recommendations

Description of work:

Provide at home pet sitting for my 2 cats.  

Sandra Kolvenbach  07/2014 client recommendations

​I just used the Alone at home pet services for my cats during our vacation. I felt comfortable that my cats were taken care of and it made my vacation so much more relaxing. When I got home and was able to read the daily notes, I even felt better about their care. The house and dishes were all clean and the food bowls were full. I love the service and would recommend it to everyone. I would say if I could have read the notes daily either in an e-mail or text I would have even felt better about the service during my vacation. The notes were personal and told me so much about my cats when I'm not there. I will use this company again and again.      Deb Gordon 2015 client recommendations

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I cannot say enough about the owners of this business. My Cali was treated like she was there's. they visited everyday, played fed cleaned up after her and loved her. They send pictures while away, took my mail in. Last years storm, evacuated my girl to there home and took care of her for days until electricity was returned. I have used this service for over a year and we needed to be away for weeks at a time. I knew my girl was safe and loved. thank you Alone at home staff for the kind loving care you gave. If there was anything higher then A rating I would give it. client recommendations

Debra Tomblin  04/02/2018 client recommendations


As always, the sitter did a great job. When I arrived home, there was a journal of what happened on each visit. She would write down exactly what she did, how the cats were behaving (i.e., loving, moody, sickly, etc.), any issues/accidents. Each visit was approx 30-40 minutes. On this last engagement, I called from out of town to extend my stay an extra day & that was not a problem. 

When I first started using this service years ago, the owner of the company (the sitter) came to my home to observe the cats & discuss any issues (medical, behavioral, habits). She has a vet tech background. I think I've had her services between 3-10 day periods. I am very comfortable knowing she cares about "my kids".

Description of work:

I've used this pet service for several years. At present, I have two cats (previously, had up to four). The sitter comes to the home, on a daily basis, checks the litter boxes, gives fresh food & water, plays with the cats, gives them prescribed treats, cleans up any messes, checks over the premises (doors, windows), brings in any mail/newspapers, etc., and disposes the used litter off-premises.

Carol Olson 10/2017 client recommendations

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