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Making Time for Your Pooch When Life Gets Busy

Sometimes it can seem as though we barely have enough time to eat a decent meal and take a bathroom break, let alone spend time with our four-legged family member. However, your dog’s schedule is wide open and just waiting to be filled with playtime, snuggles, walks, and treats. The following are a few ways to make use of limited time and ensure your pooch is happy and cared for:

Interact from Afar

 Wouldn’t it be nice if your job allowed you take your dog with you to work? Some places might, but if you are like the majority of us, you begrudgingly have to leave your dog at home each day. Unfortunately, just like we find ways to pass the time such as clicking a pen or biting our nails, your dog does too. This could come at the expense of a chewed up shoe or fur on the couch even though Fido knows he isn’t allowed up there.


According to Tammy McMahan of Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc, owners often teach their pets bad habits without even realizing it, letting the problem persist until it becomes normal. Perhaps you relinquish your right shoe or throw your hands up and let your pooch roam wherever he likes. While you can’t be there in person to correct the problem, you can check in with your pooch via dog monitoring camera to monitor behavior, say hi, or dispense a treat.

Find Your Go-To Dog Park

 Okay, so you are probably wondering how in the world you are going to fit in a dog park visit if you are busy, but finding one nearby makes setting aside the time much easier. Plus, it helps if you enjoy going. Research dog parks to find one that meets your needs such as being fenced in, having water fountains, or providing poop bags. Your best bet is to find one that opens early and closes after dusk so you can fit in a visit before or after your busy day. You might find it helpful to schedule time together in the same way you would a meeting or a dentist appointment. Whether you have 10 minutes or 30, that’s plenty of time for a game of fetch and a belly rub. You might not be able to make it to the dog park, but you can make it outside your front door, and anytime outside is fine with your dog.

 Hire a Stand-In

 No one can replace you, but hiring a sitter or walker can certainly help, especially when you are feeling guilty about not being there. For McMahan, she finds that the most rewarding part of working with dogs is “all the love and passion an animal can give.” Businesses like McMahan’s love your dog as much as you do, so you can ensure your dog’s tail will be wagging the entire time. The best part is you are still in control. Perhaps you just need someone to walk Fido on Monday and Wednesday, or could use some assistance getting your dog to the groomer or vet if you can’t take the time away from work, school, etc. Find what services work for you and take advantage of them.


Life is busy, but there are ways to make sure your dog doesn’t suffer the consequences. Check in via a pet camera to get your doggy fix, schedule time together at the dog park, and hire a sitter/walker when you can’t be there. Trust me, your dog will thank you!

 Wonderful article written by Tamara Gilmore.. 2018