Founded in 1997 by Tammy L. McMahan.   Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc is backed with 26 years experience in Veterinary Technology and lots of enthusiasm for well being of all critters. Started working with animals at SPCA of St. Petersburg in the 1990's, then decided to go on to St. Petersburg Junior College for my degree, graduated in 1996, then passed State & National Exam.  After two years of research, started this business, for the well being of peoples' furry family members, so when they needed  to be safe & secure, at home when your not there.
Family owned and operated, my husband Jeff  has always assisted in everyone's care, then in 2007 started working full time for Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc.   All staff has had background checks, are under bonded/liability insurance.  WE provide only professional pet care in your home every visit.    

Customer support - available for current clients 24/7 - a combination that can't be beat!

Through our commitment, experience and expertise Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc.  has established a business relationship with our clients & their furry family members, that will last a lifetime! (  Picture #4 is myself, Picture #5 Is Jeff)

Feel free to join our family of clients.

Marian (picture #1)

I began working for Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc in  November  2015.   I believe connection is a major key in developing a trusting relationship, with animals or human.  In my opinion , it is how you address them and how you react to them.     I'm lucky,  I love my job.  I have met a lot of animals and I have really enjoyed learning from each and every one of them.   Yes you read correctly, I  have learned from your pets.   One thing I have learned, that not all  animals  like the same thing nor need or want the same things, each  are individually different.    Some love their space, while others want your full attention, cuddling or playing outside, sitting on patio or  out in the kiddy pool or just hanging out inside on the floor/bed, no matter what their needs may be, I enjoy time with each and every pet.

As your pet sitter, I will treat your fur baby with the same care  and love you would.   I will acknowledge their likes and dislikes, and use this knowledge to bond with them.   I will give them undivided attention and love, I will tucker your fur baby out with a nice long walk or playing with a laser pointer, no matter if its an afternoon visit or visits while your out of town.   I will love on them and keep things as close to your normal routine as I can for your family pet.

Donna ( Picture # 2) --Pet CPR/ First Aid CERTIFIED

Hello, my name is Donna. I love being a pet sitter, especially kitties, although I do have some very favorite dogs that I sit for and love them dearly. I have been working for Alone At Home Pet Services  since August of 2014. I  have so much fun on this job!! Walking the little dogs to loving and playing with the kitties. I call myself the kitty nana, with pride. I have learned that you need to listen to them, watch their actions, really pay attention to the love language they give to you, sometimes they want to play and sometimes they just want to hug, and other times leave me alone, lol. I will always give them" Hello love " first then start my duties as your personal pet sitter, I will leave you notes and if you want send you pictures through our services. Most important on our interviews I listen to you, find out what you want for your pet, reassure you that I will love them and care for them the way you want. It's a blessing to have such contact with all animals and to not only give love but the comfort it brings in doing so is so worth it.

Cashel Mack ( Picture #3)

Cashel started working for Alone at Home Pet Services, Inc in  June 2011,  and worked at Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital since 2001.   I am an animal lover who has been raised with animals including snakes, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and ferrets, sugar gliders and horses.    I have many years experience working with animals and though I am a swim coach, working with animals is my true love.     I am a single parent  and have a wonderful son.

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