Transportation Needs/Service 3 -------------- ($30.00 per trip)

Don't have time to take your family friend to puppy day-care, groomers, or veterinary visits we can assist you. Call for pricing, depending on gas prices, will depend on fees? Pet Sitting in Seminole, Services in Largo

Daily Walks/Service 2------------------------------- ($22.00 - $32.00 per trip)

We offer mid-day walks for those long work days ( 20 - 30 minute visits) for when you can't make it home, unless confined to crate then visits will be (35 to 40 min) visits.

Alone At Home Pet Services, Inc  -Pet Sitting in Seminole,Largo. We offer a variety of services and continue to offer more, feel free to make a request, we should be able to accommodate your personal needs. Pet Sitting in Seminole

We offer a variety of services and continue to offer more,  feel free to make a request,  we should be able to accommodate your personal needs.  

Home critical care supervised by your veterinarian/Service 4------- (min $25.00  to 45.00 per trip)

I'm a certified veterinary technician - - I can help with subcutaneous fluid therapy for your kidney disease patients.  I can assist in teaching you about your new diabetic patients.  I specialize in diabetics, cancer patients, kidney failures and geriatric patients. 

 Need help medicating - administering fluids or insulin  - WE can help you
Your house (minimum $90 per night, 8 PM to 6 AM/ overnight/plus day stays ($175 for 21 hour period) - YOU meet sitter that will be staying in your house.. NO GUEST ALLOWED/NO Alcohol allowed. Mid-Day visits are extra with overnight stays unless its 24 hour .


(on top of regular visit fees only on day of Holiday's)  $15.00 added to invoice per day
11 Total Holidays that are recognized thru IRS

We can now offer hourly sitting if your staying at a hotel or your pet just cannot be unattended while you go for an outing, call for estimates and availabilities.

N0 Boarding Services,          No Sale of Animals,                No Grooming Services.


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Pet Sitting/Service 1 -------------------($22.50 up to $100.00 per trip)

We offer care for your family friend, should you be out of town on vacations or business trip. Visits should be 30 min for cats and 45 min for dogs ( average/ can be 40 min to 1 hour).   Prices may vary from household to household. Multi visits welcome. We check food & water every visit, walked/outside playtime or litter-box scooped/changed, medication administered without any problems, play time, and treats given with love.  Close blinds, lights on in PM, reverse in AM (protection of your home environment),water indoor plants, bring in mail & newspaper, daily notations, with longer visits we can e-mail or text pictures to you.   The Pet Sitter that comes on interview will be your pet sitter... back up sitter is also present, so no worries or concerns about knowing who is entering your premises.    NO DOG will be left more than 12 hours at a TIME with our services..


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